Good morning, Good Friday

The day dawned
but darkly.
As though struggling
to cut through the darkness
that descended the night before.
The darkness of betrayal,
that evening the light went out.

As Truth falls
into the barbaric grip
of those who would distort it,
disfigured with each lash,
each blow, each word.

Condemned as a criminal
for daring,
daring to oppose misplaced power,
and for the challenge
of privilege.
Evidence by their response
far easier to murder another
than to sacrifice oneself.

And yet.

In response,
in perfect response
He shall say
‘Father, forgive’.

And to us,
who profess to follow,
who claim Him
as our own.
‘Love one another,
as I have loved you’
Even unto death.

(Written: 30.III.18)


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