Accusations of the faithless

A life restricted.
Some shallow daily grind
of subservience to a being
in the far beyond
who deigns to allow evil
to infect creation
and deems to remain silent
despite the tortured distress.
Black clad and collared,
they are horrified
by the willing submission
to this monster, to this ‘god’.
They resist all pleas, all appeals,
all explanation,
for fear they may encounter
He would would, and did
lay down His life
and breath His last
only to gasp again,
spluttering back into existence.
That this cosmic event,
played out in our human limitation
will command them
to meet Him
and refine themselves.
And we, who have seen,
have heard his call through
Scripture and Sacrament
still dodge his gaze
and shy away from
His Will
to see us saved,
and truly free
from self, and,
the potent illusion
of a manufactured freedom.

(Written: 10.X.18)

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