I Shall Watch

Candle light slashes
through the dark,
the flowers shadows fall
on altar and floor,
creeping up walls,
reaching out, to me.
I have withdrawn,
sat huddled in the nave
out of sight, except to Him.
My futile efforts
to hide away,
I am masked,
by the shame
of a poisoned soul.
It disfigures my face
so that I no longer see
the beloved child of God
but a creature
of a different creator.
And yet,
no matter the revulsion
at my own wilful desires,
I am told
again and again
He knelt before the betrayer,
He washed Judas’ feet.
And I draw closer,
summon my strength
and approach.
I will watch.
With you.

(Written: 18.IV.19)

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