Upon the Holy Mountain

God of rock,
of stone and clay
of craggy outcrops
and sun drenched valleys,
of wild grass
and ripe peaches.
Of artisan handiwork
carved in stone,
hammered out in metal,
polished in precious gem.
God of stitched velvet
and spun silk
of deep purple,
and royal blue.
God of letters
with unique monastic flare,
elaborate covers
and calf skin pages.
God of heavy set features
stoic in the face of uncertainty
but beaming in welcome.
Of hospitality
of fresh vegetables
and warm bread.
God of domed churches
Cross shaped
pointing heavenward,
of sacred chant
and simple decor.
Of candles and images
and the Blessed Virgin.
God of mountains.
God of Armenia.



(Written: 13.IX.19)

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